Publication Ethics

Here is the Publication Ethics for the "Teumulong Journal" published by the Institute of Education and Social Research:

Editorial Responsibilities:

  • The Editor of Teumulong Journal is committed to ensuring the implementation of all editorial procedures to achieve an objective intellectual process.
  • Editors and Peer Reviewers evaluate manuscripts without regard to ethnicity, religion, race, or social groups.
  • All submitted manuscripts are first checked for compliance with Teumulong Journal's scope and undergo plagiarism checks.

Author Responsibilities:

  1. Authors are responsible for ensuring the originality and novelty of the submitted manuscripts.
  2. Authors should not reproduce work that has previously been published in other journals.
  3. Authors should not submit manuscripts that are currently under review or processing by Teumulong Journal to other journals simultaneously.
  4. Manuscripts can only be published after receiving formal rejection from Teumulong Journal or upon the official acceptance of withdrawal requests by Teumulong Journal.
  5. Authors are required to inform the Editor or Journal Manager if any data errors are found in the published manuscript, so that corrections or article withdrawals can be promptly addressed.
  6. Authors must make a significant contribution to the work and be accountable for any deficiencies in the resulting work.

Peer Reviewer Responsibilities:

  1. Reviewers must disclose any personal interests before agreeing to review a manuscript.
  2. Reviewers have the right to refuse to review a manuscript for reasons of inadequate knowledge or avoiding conflicts of interest.
  3. Reviewers must review all manuscripts objectively, fairly, and professionally.
  4. Reviewers must disclose any ethical violations found and report them to the Editor for further action.
  5. Reviewers must ensure the originality of the manuscript and be vigilant against plagiarism and overstated publication.
  6. Reviewers are not allowed to discuss the content of the manuscript without permission.
  7. Adhere to the allocated time for the review process. Requests for extensions to review submissions are at the Editor's discretion.

Editor Responsibilities:

  • Actively contribute to the development and improvement of the journal.
  • Act as an ambassador for Teumulong Journal.
  • Continuously support and publish Teumulong Journal.
  • Review all assigned work.

Editor in Chief Responsibilities:

  • Evaluate manuscripts fairly and solely on intellectual merit.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of manuscripts and not disclose any information about manuscripts to anyone other than those involved in the publication process.
  • Have responsibility for deciding which articles to accept and when to publish.
  • Actively seek input from Editors, Reviewers, and authors on how to improve the journal's image and visibility.
  • Provide clear instructions to contributors on the manuscript submission process and what is expected of authors.
  • Ensure the appropriate selection/detection of suitable reviewers for the review process.

Plagiarism Check:

  • Every published manuscript undergoes a plagiarism check using Plagiarism Checker X and Turnitin software.

Reference Management:

  • Articles submitted to Teumulong Journal are recommended to use Reference Manager applications such as Mendeley, Zotero, or EndNote.

Article Withdrawal:

  • Authors are not allowed to cancel or withdraw their manuscripts. If authors still wish to request the cancellation/withdrawal of an article when it is in the peer-review process, a penalty fine of IDR 500,000.00 (five hundred thousand Indonesian Rupiah) per manuscript must be paid as compensation to the journal management. However, canceling/withdrawing an article after it has been submitted is not ethical. If an article is canceled/withdrawn because it has been accepted by another journal, a penalty fine of IDR 1,500,000.00 (one million five hundred thousand Indonesian Rupiah) per manuscript will be charged. Cancellation/withdrawal of an article can only be done after the fine is paid to the journal management. If authors disagree with paying the fine, they will be prohibited from publishing their work in Teumulong Journal.

Double Publication:

  • Authors who engage in double publication will be reported to the ANJANI website and will be blacklisted from Teumulong Journal.

Please note that these translations are provided for reference and may be adapted as needed to fit the specific context and style of your journal.