Digital transformation in Afghan universities: A case study of challenges and opportunities


  • Laiba Shahzad Psychology and Educational Sciences Faculty, Kabul University, Afghanistan
  • Tamanna Quraishi The University of People, United States of America
  • Frohida Mohammadi Civil Engineering Faculty, Baghlan University, Baghlan, Afghanistan
  • Madina Ahmadi Engineering Faculty, Kabul University, Kabul, Afghanistan
  • Suhaila Atayee Public policy and administration Faculty, Balkh University, Balkh, Afghanistan
  • Hafiza Bahram Education Faculty, Samangan University, Samangan, Afghanistan



Digital transformation, Afghan universities, Challenges, Opportunities, Higher education


This study delves into the demographic composition of students at WO University across four faculties: Medical, Economics, Computer Science, and Education. Employing a cross-sectional research design, data is collected at a singular time to capture a snapshot of the student population. Stratified sampling ensures proportional representation from each faculty, resulting in a sample size of 150 students. Institutional records provide accurate counts of students within each faculty, along with their corresponding age ranges. Descriptive statistics, including frequencies and percentages, are utilized to analyze the demographic data. The findings offer insights into the distribution of students across faculties and age brackets, providing a comprehensive overview of the student demographics at WO University. By understanding the demographic makeup of the student body, institutions can tailor their policies and support services to effectively meet their students' diverse needs. This study contributes to the existing literature by offering empirical evidence on the demographic characteristics of students in higher education institutions, thereby informing strategic decision-making processes within academic settings.


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Shahzad, L., Quraishi, T., Mohammadi, F., Ahmadi, M., Atayee, S., & Bahram, H. (2024). Digital transformation in Afghan universities: A case study of challenges and opportunities . Sekumpul: Journal of Multidisciplinary Education Sciences, 2(1), 1–10.