Aims and Scope

The primary goal of the "Journal of Pedagogy and Social Research" is to promote the advancement of pedagogical science, foster high-quality social research across various social dimensions, and establish a collaborative platform for educators, researchers, and practitioners in the fields of education and social sciences to exchange the most recent knowledge, ideas, and discoveries. The journal concentrates on a broad spectrum of subjects related to pedagogy and social research, including but not restricted to teaching methods, curriculum enhancement, educational psychology, the societal aspects of learning, and the broader consequences of education on society. We encourage the submission of content that mirrors the most recent research, innovative teaching approaches, and the examination of diverse social concerns within the educational context. The journal encompasses an extensive array of topics, including but not confined to:

  1. Social Studies Curriculum and Instruction
  2. Social Studies Pedagogy
  3. Education Technology in Social Studies
  4. Multicultural and Global Education
  5. Civic Education and Citizenship
  6. History Education
  7. Geography Education
  8. Economics Education
  9. Social Studies Research and Scholarship
  10. Social Issues and Controversies
  11. Professional Development for Social Studies Educators
  12. Policy and Advocacy in Social Studies Education
  13. Anthropology
  14. Political science
  15. Criminology
  16. Democracy and Human Rights Education
  17. Values Education
  18. Media Literacy and Social Studies
  19. Peace Education
  20. Psychological research